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3D Shooter (FPS) Games PCShooter is a genre of computer games that attracts many gamers and has become particularly popular today. A distinctive feature becomes the best player in three-dimensional space, the presence of a certain freedom of movement. Most often, the levels presents a maze, which is limited. There are allies, enemies, and NPC's that are set up neutrally. Shooters can be single-player and multiplayer. Counter-Strike is an example of a network shooter. In the course of the game will need to destroy a lot of enemies. This character is in the hands of different weapons. Also provided various gadgets. Most often in the Central part of the screen you can see the "sight".

The use of a computer mouse allows you to perform in-game aiming and shooting. Complete birth of the genre dates back to the early nineties. Shooter is a subgenre of Action game. Previously, you could see 2D shooters. They are most often assessed as arcade games or side-scrollers. It is believed that Wolfenstein 3D is the founder of the genre in the form that is known today. Later there was another game that became very popular is Doom. A distinctive feature of the genre is first person. The gamer will observe everything that happens in the game, through the eyes of a character. In the core of the gameplay are shooting the enemies in the game which is very much. Also, there is an active movement to locations, which are three-dimensional.

You can mention the list of games relating to the genre that are very popular among gamers. These include Warface, Half-Life 2: Nightmare House 2. No less fascinating toys are Wolfenstein, Singularity, Quake, Far Cry. In addition, game developers offers many other entertainment that fans of the genre can appreciate. » 3D, Shooters

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