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All Contact Lost (2018) PC torrent

30.11.2017, 20:43
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System requirements:


OS: Windows 7
CPU: i7-6700
Graphics: GTX 745
DirectX: Version 10
Disk space: 2 GB
Sound card: Nvidia high definition audio

In the game, All Contact Lost, download the torrent which, the action takes place in the distant future where mankind has gradually mastered the moon, and a number of large conglomerates systematically constructs the surface. However, this led to unexpected consequences: as it turned out, on the surface of the Earth satellite live deadly organism, which has awakened and started to destroy all in its path. He received the name of Akari.

You in the company of four other mercenaries are delivered to the surface of the moon, where you need to break into the military base, holding back the furious attacks of Akari. From time to time you will get packages that will allow you to upgrade your weapons, so it is important to consider the strategy that your attack was successful.

Deciding to download All Contact Lost torrent free in Russian, you will be able to get used to the harsh role of a mercenary. As you complete mission you will get a increase and new types of camouflage that will allow you and your allies to be more secretive.

- In the first game mode called "swarm," you have to fight waves of enemies with other players (up to 4 people). Every 5 rounds you will get upgrades that will be divided among team members based on a vote. Note that with each wave the enemies will get stronger and more dangerous, so it is necessary to change the strategy to adapt to the new conditions.
- Upgrades weapons, armor, turrets and fortifications will allow you to defend the base both in automatic and manual modes.
- Completing the levels, you'll get another title (50), and every 5 ranks you will find a new camouflage coloring.
- The game has three cards with a variety of features: crater, valley and lair of the enemies.


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