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22.09.2017, 14:26
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System requirements:


OS: 64-bit Windows 7
CPU: Dual-core Intel or AMD processor
Memory: 4 GB RAM
Video card: DX10 compatible video card
DirectX: Version 10
Disk space: 2 GB

Themes hard confrontation will always attract the attention of many developers, it is not surprising that often leave the game projects, which become the basis for promoting various kinds of problems. Today we want to draw your attention to a game called All Walls Must Fall, which is ready to send players into the future 2089 years, and then give the opportunity to plunge into the abyss of the past to stop a terrible tragedy – the creation of a nuclear bomb.

The development of the game deals with the German company Inbetween Games, which is the basis of history, took the existence of the Berlin wall. It turned out that it was not destroyed and the confrontation is heating up with renewed vigor. Supporters of the opposition have long used a variety of methods of manipulation and control, but now they have decided to use nuclear weapons. To prevent such a dangerous tragedy, both sides go into the past and needs one night to break the historical development and the possibility of using a nuclear bomb. However, to do this, you need to perform a series of difficult tasks.

The game has a feature that is tied to the use of chronological manipulation. The earlier games have used a similar system, but now it will be much harder. In principle, if you support a game project on the site Kickstarter, already in may will be able to plunge into the game. But if you want to see the finished game project, you will have to wait for release and after it you'll be able to download All Walls Must Fall torrent free. Now you will be able to plunge into exciting adventures and to make personal efforts in order to change history.


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