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Arlandria (2018) PC torrent

12.01.2018, 15:06
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System requirements:


Operating system: Windows 7, 8, 10
CPU: 2 Ghz
HDD: 10 GB hard drive
Video card: NVIDIA GTS 450
DirectX Version: 11
And also: Keyboard, mouse

Arlandria is a fascinating adventure, the main hero of which is a little Fox. He loves to walk through the world, try to explore everything and not willing to fight for ourselves. And you will become his faithful companion and try to help in all his endeavors. Arlandria download torrent free directly from our website and then you will be able to embark on the adventure that is filled with colors, characters and kindness.

Arlandria is a huge virtual forest, which is full of life. Fox loves to pick apples, to communicate with other characters and fight with strange rabbits. Although they are not the only problem, as in the forest walk dangerous anomalies, there were monsters and other troubles. In order to get rid of them, offer you to help Fox to achieve our goals and become a hero. Do not forget to collect various items, they will help you in difficult situations.


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