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22.02.2018, 16:26
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System requirements:


OS: Windows XP
CPU: Single Core 1.6 Ghz
Memory: 1 GB RAM
Video card: ATI Radeon X1650 / NVIDIA GeForce 8200M / Intel GMA 950 or equivalent
Disk space: 1 GB
Sound card: OpenAL Compatible Sound Card
Additional notes: OpenGL 1.4 compatible

Project Balrum – one of the few representatives of the games, which differ in the presence of all sorts of different possibilities – it is possible to erect various buildings, perform almost countless tasks, create items, fight step by step, explore the randomly generated world…

The story of the game-after bloody battles with evil spirits, those who were lucky enough to survive, began to hide in the Dark Woods. The population is only two villages were able to escape death, the countless army of the dead defeated all the kings and their armies. The dark Woods gave the gift of salvation survivor – the reason is simple - all because the dead are denied access to these places. Epic story fascinating, but do not assume that the goal of the game will only be a battle with the undead. Events will develop gradually, for example, the first task will be the construction of houses – for the protagonist and his grandfather. For the construction will need materials that are extracted in the process of crafting and farming.

The game features a Ballroom:
- Real-time gameplay with the possibility of turn-based battles.
- Go around and explore this stunning game world in which there are also dungeons that pose a danger to all incoming.
- Take only the right decisions (or at least try) – it depends on your class.
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- Do the construction.
- Sow, Waite, reap – get farming!
- Find the right companion in the game-tame the animal you like!
- Create new items in a variety of fields, for you are able to create all sorts of potions in alchemy, delicious and healthy food in the culinary field, and for the protection of weapons and armor.
- Go through the job to accomplish the main goal and in the process earn valuable rewards for additional quests.
- Correspondence of reality-day and night change + different weather conditions.


Trailer / Gameplay:


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