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Battle Carnival (2016) PC torrent

15.12.2017, 17:15
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OS: Windows 7
CPU: Intel Pentium 4
Video Card: GeForce 8600
Memory: 1GB
Disk space: 5Gb
DirectX: 9

Interesting twists occur in the vast gaming market. It is no secret that the most recognizable and interesting first-person shooter Overwatch is Blizzard. Logically, other companies should not release a first-person shooter, while the leader won't fade. But the company Zepetto, who created Point Black decided to test his luck and announced the game called Battle Carnival.

Battle Carnival is a first person shooter eSports with bias and great prospects. According to the developers, they made charismatic characters, a competitive mode, a huge amount of content, 26 maps and much more. It remains only to wait until the end of September and then the shooter will go into alpha testing, where we will be brought to mind. And, according to the developers themselves, they already have some success, as some publishers have shown interest in their game projects after the raving success of Overwatch.


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