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Battlecrew Space Pirates (2017) PC torrent

04.01.2017, 03:04
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Who would have thought that the era of simple, in terms of technology, games will be long and will end probably not so soon. The fact that the wave of such games continues to set the market and this time, players will be presented game which offers to take on the role of space pirates.

Battlecrew: Space Pirates is an interesting PvP 2.5 D shooter that'll have you fighting in space. In the game world space pirates have become commonplace, so they started to build its own entertainment structure with the struggles, victories and awards. You will be one of the space pirates and try to earn fame, respect and wealth. The battles take place in an arena format where you fight two teams of players for 4 people. Special rules during a fight no, you just need to fight, collect gold and have fun.

Download Battlecrew: Space Pirates via torrent it will be possible very soon. Better prepared for this battle, because PvP fight is not only refined actions, but also teamwork. In addition, in the vast virtual world you have to visit the Tortuga, where you can chat with other pirates to trade and seek partners for future battles.

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