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04.07.2018, 21:12
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System requirements:


OS: Windows 7 or newer
CPU: 3.2 GHz Quad Core Processor
Memory: 4 GB
Graphics card: GeForce GTX 660, Radeon R7 370 or equivalent with 2 GB of video RAM
DirectX: Version 11
Disk space: 1 GB

Independent Studio from California called Monothetic decided to please fans of the game in the genre of fantastic action with elements of "bagel". The game called Beacon is ready to surprise everyone with its unusual and interesting atmosphere, which is achieved thanks to the excellent work of designers. The game is planned to be released on such gaming platforms as PC, Xbox one and Mac. As for the plot, the game Beacon tells about how one space traveler crashes on an unknown planet. At first, it seems that he was killed, but he falls to the place where there is a genetic recovery camera, so in the next seconds he is reborn and now he needs to explore the planet and try to find all the necessary parts to restore your ship and leave this planet.

And as you might guess, the population of the planet is not friendly, so you have to fight a lot and often die. Although, do not worry about it, because after death, you will be able to revive again, however, now with improvements that cause mutation, the fact that every defeated enemy carries the genetic code that you collect and then use for genetic improvement. Yes, you will not look very, but get new abilities. Thus, after you can download the Beacon via torrent, you will go to a new adventure, where you have to go through a mutation and then try to explain to the rescue Shuttle that you are not an aggressive mutant, but a human being initially.


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