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Beyond Good and Evil 2 (2018) PC torrent

11.01.2018, 00:30
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System requirements:


OS: Windows® 2000/XP
CPU: 700 MHz Pentium® III, Celeron® or AMD Athlon™
Memory: 64 MB minimum,
Video card:DirectX® 9-compatible graphics card with 32 MB
DirectX Version: DirectX 9.0
Sound: DirectX 9-compatible sound card
Hard drive: 125 MB

Despite the low sales of action-adventure 2003 Beyond Good and Evil, he gathered an army of fans and received critical acclaim. The planned sequel has not yet appeared, but the conversations about it go on the Network for about seven years. Michel Ancel — the Creator of the universe — released videos of the game, shared with fans sketches, enthusiastically told in an interview that working on a beloved project. And here in 2014 brought good news — download Beyond Good and Evil 2 through a torrent will be very soon as a game is actively moving. The plot will focus on the continuation of the story of the first part.

However, while there is no data about how many time will continue the development. Even the year of manufacture is not reported. But for us, the gamers, the main thing that it in the process. And particularly pleased that the new project will match the graphics capabilities of modern consoles. This confirms a pretty picture presentation of the trailer Beyond Good and Evil 2 from Ubisoft. In addition to the confirmation of a sequel, Ubisoft representatives said that at present, Michel Ancel is working on two parallel projects. About the second yet says nothing, it is only known that for its implementation, the designer has organized a small private Studio.

Sometimes it happens that the game gets a huge recognition from the audience of gamers, however, developers themselves are not really in a hurry to release a new part. However, one should not forget that a long delay is sometimes a reason that the developers just put a lot of time developing further. As example we can take game development called Beyond Good and Evil, which was so popular that the players waited a few years to continue, and it's finally happened, the game released and now every user can easily download Beyond Good and Evil 2 torrent free.

What is interesting in this games development? It's pretty simple, this time we invite you to travel to far-flung space adventure, which will be attended by not only the protagonist, but his crew of pirates. As you might guess, you will be engaged in this direction and will try to lead his supporters to victory. What is most interesting, you will be personally handling every element, every part of the spacecraft. And it is your attentiveness and willingness to succeed, all this will allow you to succeed.

Beyond Good and Evil 2 is a third-person shooter in an open world. You're space pirates, will carefully examine all the game's environments. But do not relax, because in the new world there is a huge amount of different enemies that will not give you the odds and require maximum care. You will lead the whole group of professional pirates, each of which has its own individual characteristics. Nevertheless, we believe that you will succeed and you will succeed.


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