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31.03.2018, 17:48
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System requirements:


OS: Windows 7 (32/64-bit) / Vista / XP or higher
CPU: 1.7 GHz or better
Memory: 2 GB of RAM
Graphics: NVIDIA GTX 500 series or equivalent
DirectX: 9.0 C version
Network: Broadband Internet connection
Hard drive: 13 GB free space

Black Mesa-this Half-Life in a modern shell, supplemented by a number of innovations. Yes, we are talking about a remake of the cult game of 1998. Work on Black Mesa was conducted for 8 years, it was engaged in the Association Crowbar Collective, consisting of 40 volunteers. The team is extremely detail approached the case, so the project drew the attention of Valve Corporation, it became the publisher. May 5, 2015 version of Black Mesa marked "Early access" hit Steam.

We can recall that in 2004 Valve released Half — Life: Source-version of the original Half-Life, built, as the name suggests, on the engine Source. However, this project has not implemented all the features of such a powerful graphics program. Black Mesa fills this gap-gamers are waiting for completely redesigned textures and models.

At the same time volunteers Crowbar Collective very carefully approached the interpretation of the legendary shooter and did not change the plot, the gameplay. However, it is worth noting that it was added several typical Half-Life 2 functions — the ability to use binoculars to quickly escape. In addition, Black Mesa has achivki.

Features Of Black Mesa:
- This is the same first part of Half-Life, but in a modern look. Thousands of models and textures have been redone.
- In addition to a single company, duplicating the plot of Half-Life up to the head of Lambda Core, there is a multiplayer.
- The game includes a set of tools that allow you to engage in modding. And the tools are the same, which were used by the developers themselves.
- At the height of not only graphics but also sound. Soundtrack, dialogues, thousands of effects have been modified.
- In General, the game turned out to be good, so fans of Half life download Black Mesa 2015 via torrent, we strongly recommend.


Trailer / Gameplay:


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