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05.10.2017, 20:34
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We all know that the famous and best role-playing series, Dark Souls, finished his story, and now players need to find a completely different hobby. But considering how popular was this game series, it can be assumed that the publisher will not dwell on it. So Bandai Namco boldly announced a new game project, which is called Vein Code and it combines the style of gloomy Dark Souls, however, soaked in Japanese legends and fantasy. Code download Vein torrent free will be very soon, just have to wait for the release and can start the adventure.

The plot of the game takes place in a world inhabited by terrible monsters and so-called ghosts. Only in the second case, it is not formless beings, vampires who are forced to drink blood, not to become a monster. Now a brave group of heroes is determined to find out why they are forced to live by these rules and what can be done to rid the vampires from this curse. But this would be not so easy, because the demons are not asleep and they are ready by all means to improve the curse, which will definitely hurt the vampires. But vampires are not so simple, they have universal weapons and martial arts skills.

New game project from Namco Bandai has a Gothic design and will delight fans of sophisticated entertainment. The main thing is to try to correctly use all the available opportunities and help the main characters to succeed. At the moment, the game project is completed by only 38%, so there is still a lot of work. The game project has a modern graphics, pleasant style, and will be released in 2018. Therefore can right now to prepare for an epic adventure new sample!


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