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09.02.2019, 20:43
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System requirements:


OS: Windows 7 or later (64-bit only)
Processor: 64-bit only
Video card: any
Free hard disk space: 1 GB

Game Crimson Skies, torrent download which is free, it is an action-RPG with a first-person. Embark on a journey through an ever-changing maze full of monsters, traps and treasures. Find the ruins of an ancient castle and clear them from the forces of evil. Your abilities are your only hope of escaping from here.

Before you download Crimson Keep torrent for free, it is necessary to read a little background. Thirty years ago, a powerful curse destroyed the village Lected. As a result, you were in a maze of caves deep underground, where you have to survive, look for supplies and fight enemies. Will you be able to find the mysterious Crimson castle? Will you get out of these caves? Or die, unable to cope with the many monsters roaming in the depths?

Avoid traps and curses and try not to die of hunger!
  • Several types of weapons with different indicators of attack speed, damage and sets of special techniques
  • Several classes of heroes, each with its own advantages and disadvantages
  • Point obschet hits (aim at the weaknesses of enemies)
  • Uncover the history of the ancient world by completing quests
  • Randomly generated locations, monsters and loot with each passing
  • Achievements open access to new abilities and equipment
  • The passing game opens up access to new locations and bosses

    Features game!

    • Permanent death .
    • Damn thing
    • Hunger system
    • A few gods to be worshipped
  • Trailer / Gameplay:


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