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27.12.2017, 16:28
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System requirements:


OS: Windows 7
CPU: AMD Athlon 64 X2 | Intel Pentium (Dual Core)
Video: AMD Radeon HD 5850 | GeForce GT 440 | Intel HD Graphics 4000 Series
Memory: 2GB
Disk space: 10Gb
DirectX: 11
The presence of Internet connection

First came the tactical shooter game Operation Flashpoint: Cold War Crisis, his successor was a game called Armed Assault, or simply Arma. In the sequel, Arma 2, which was later acquired by the mod DayZ. Mod dedicated to survival in the world of the zombie Apocalypse, was released in 2012, and the following year the developers, Bohemia Interactive Studio, presented a full game based on this mod — DayZ Standalone.

At this time it is not about a tactical shooter, but the survival simulator with elements of survival horror, and open world offered. At the moment torrent download DayZ Standalone can do everything, but the game is still at the stage of alpha testing on Steam. The creators together with gamers are considering carefully the gameplay and regularly make various changes.

Features simulator DayZ Standalone:
The game is set in the same fictional country as in Arma 2 — Chernarus. Due to a global cataclysm, all the citizens turned into zombies. This time we are talking about a fully multi-user project, the gameplay is significantly different from its predecessor. It has been noted that DayZ Standalone — survival simulator, and the simulator is very realistic. Players, of course, have to use the weapon as intended, however, the process of survival involves many other important components.

Starting the game, gamers will only have a flashlight, so one should take care of your character. You will need to extract vital resources: food, clean water, clothing, ammunition and the weapon itself, because over time it will wear out. By the way, weapons you can upgrade. Its diversity will delight from a kitchen knife to machine. As for food, its production many: you can grow vegetables in the garden, go fishing, hunting or to go the most simple way — to get into the abandoned house and ransack the kitchen.

However, the trials do not end there. It is obvious that in such circumstances it is not surprising to catch some disease, e.g., cholera, hepatitis, tuberculosis or even the common cold. So in the list of the vital resources you need to add medication. Long been known that can survive in different ways. The world of DayZ Standalone is no exception. Players are free to choose who they become bandits or police. In conclusion it remains to say that the game cannot be saved. This further enhances the realism of the process. In the event of death, the game will have to start all over again.

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