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06.03.2016, 20:08
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A fourth project will start not only to Crysis, users can rejoice, because the planned launch of another legendary well-known project - Dead Space.

Historical note - Dead Space came out seven years ago, and the first draft of marked by excellent reviews, both from players and from critics. Three years later, the gaming world was presented with the second draft, and after two more years – third series. This, in principle, the creators wanted to stay – the trilogy completed, but the universe of the game did not give tranquillity to the developers who tried to escape from project work on Battlefield Hardline, but after the completion of this project, it was decided to continue with the series Dead Space.

Dead Space has survival horror genre, in addition to the trilogy were released a couple of animated films and comic books. The plot revolves around the events on the ship "Ishimura", which received in the space signal, the ravages of which killed almost all members of the ship's crew, except for Isaac Clark, operating it the user needs to find a way out and to leave a fatal ship.

What will happen in the fourth part, and what challenges await the main character and whether it will be the same – it is still unknown, as well as launch date, at this point the developer has only confirmed the fact of starting work on the fourth project, so without doubt we can state that the download of Dead Space 4 through a torrent will be available to all as early as 2016 or 2017.

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1 jukkajunnior1994 • 20:39, 14.01.2020 [Entry]
this is Dead Space 3, not 4
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3 danieltesfay18 • 12:59, 15.04.2020 [Entry]
ya you are Right ya not dead space 4
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2 ricardodon2012 • 00:24, 21.02.2020 [Entry]
Not shit whom side it was 4 is a Lil bitch boy