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Death Road to Canada (2016) PC torrent

06.06.2018, 19:27
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System requirements:


OS: Windows 7, XP, Vista, 8, and never
Processor: 1.3 ghz
Disk space: 60 MB

Death Road to Canada is a brilliant representative of the perfect accident. This game project has an interesting generation system, which allows each time to generate the world so that it seems that every time you get into a completely new story. And the basis of this adventure is the following – you and your friends go to Canada, but on the way there is an accident, and you're all lost.

But after a short trip you find a small town and a very small number of survivors. Then it becomes clear that the city is occupied by zombies and now you need to urgently save his life. Now, together with the survivors you have to fight with the crowds of zombies and try to get out of this unfortunate place. And to start the adventure, just download Death Road to Canada via torrent for free.


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