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04.03.2018, 19:11
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System requirements:


OS: Windows Vista or newer
Processor: Intel 2.4 GHz or AMD Athlon 2.6 GHz (requires dual-core processor)
Video card: ATI Radeon 4870/5770/6770, or Nvidia GeForce GTX Ti 260/460/550
DirectX: Version 9.0
Network: Broadband Internet connection
Disk space: 4 GB
Sound card: Windows Supported sound card
Additional: Broadband access to the Internet

To understand what the game is sometimes useful to refer to the English-Russian dictionary. He tells us that" depth "means"depth". And once it becomes clear that the game offers a plunge Depth in sea water. But that there will need to do? Build cities, destroy enemy submarines? No, you have to become a giant white shark, and if you want — tiger. There is another option — to become a diver.

Came up with this simple and at the same time, this unusual action game by a company called Digital Confectioners. The game is primarily multiplayer, so both sharks and divers will be a lot. On the side of the first — instincts, backed up by huge jaws. On the side of the second-a variety of weapons: assault rifles, pistols, rifles... To gain the upper hand over the enemy, we need not only good grip or a powerful gun, but the coherence of the action team.

Depth Features:
- Rare game allows you to transform into true sea monsters-white and tiger sharks. Depth allows! The teeth of these giants sharper than any razor, instincts faster than the speed of light. So enemies have something to fear...
- Divers are not born yesterday. They want to get sea treasures and they will get them! To sharks did not interfere, divers took care of the richest Arsenal, even sea mines were picked up. By the way, the treasure divers need only to improve weapons and ammunition.
- At first, it can be scary to engage with seasoned gamers, so in Depth there is a training mode. It has all the same sharks and divers, only a computer controls them. Playing with bots can be very difficult if you set a high level of difficulty.
- Beautiful Depth picture, which, of course, has dynamic lighting and other modern graphic attributes, makes the process frightening... The developers have made every effort to convey the atmosphere of the ocean floor.
- In Depth need to evolve! Regarding divers, this means better weapons and other things about sharks — the development of new instincts. Nice to get better, especially if everyone will notice it. Note - the game supports Steam statistics!
The result was quite good fun, sometimes quite scary. Depth can be compared with Aliens versus Predator 2, the only difference is that the place of foreign monsters took the monsters of the earth — the most ferocious sharks in the world.


Trailer / Gameplay:


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