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Die for Valhalla! (2018) PC torrent

14.07.2018, 22:16
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System requirements:


Operating system: Windows XP or newer
Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo 2.0+ GHz or better
Memory: 2 GB
Video card: 512 MB

Indie Designers company is in a hurry to please fans of high-quality adventure. This time your attention will appear game called Die for Valhalla!, which is ready to send everyone to the world of the Vikings and provide ample opportunities to save the world. Players will take on the role of the Valkyrie, who must save the Vikings from imminent destruction. Personally she can not do it, but no problems able to summon to his side of various warriors and even dead. And only then, controlling the abilities of combat skills of the character, to strive to destroy all evil that came to the world of the Vikings. If you can not wait to start the adventure, we offer you just download Die for Valhalla! through torrent for free.

A thorny path of development
The development team has made every effort to create this interesting and stylish game project. The creators had to change the basic game mechanics several times, add and remove various features, try to please all the fans. At first it seemed that they would not succeed, but they were able to achieve a positive result and release this adventure.

Scandinavian evil spirits
Who will fight in this game? With various representatives of the dark environment: skeletons, spiders, huge monsters, zombies and other unpleasant creatures. Extensive Scandinavian mythology allowed the authors to achieve a good filling of the game and add to the open spaces of entertainment a lot of interesting monsters and enemies.

Each of them has its own characteristics, for example, the skeletons have the whole wax magicians, archers and soldiers. Huge spiders are able to destroy your hero at a time. Various mythological creatures will surprise with their tricks in the form of traps, hypnosis and other unpleasant moments. And the bosses and does turn the location of the battle in a firework of colors and dangers.

Die for Valhalla! - the standard of arcade adventure with nice stylish graphics and the opportunity to carefully explore the world of the Vikings. It's time to become a hero and praise many soldiers, staying in the shadows in the form of a ghostly reflection of the Valkyrie. The fate of the Vikings is in your hands!


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