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Dying Light 2 (2017) PC torrent

03.02.2016, 22:28
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The Polish company Techland created a lot of hit projects. Remember Chrome, Call of Juarez, Dead Island. But the pride of the employees — horror Dying Light on the war with the zombies, or infected, after the onset of the Apocalypse. The game was released on January 27, 2015. In March he received information that 45 days was sold out in frenzied circulation of 3.2 million copies. This result Techland has made for the first time, with her sincere congratulations!

That became famous for the first part?
Critics praised the graphics for Dying Light, the alternation of day and night on the contrary, the combat system, in which, among other things, a huge attention is paid to the battles at a minimum distance. The gamers agreed with the professionals and thanked the creators of their attention. So thanked that Dying Light was a champion among games of the genre survival horror in the number of sales in the first month. Forward to new achievements and, of course, the day of release to download Dying Light 2 through a torrent were able to attend.

What is known about the second part?
While the continuation only in the dreams of gamers and clearly the plans Techland, but they have not yet divided. But she shared interesting statistics. It turns out that the number of copies sold is just the first reason to rejoice, because there is destroyed 378 million players infected, 1.5 trillion earned dollars (though virtual), 150 million trodden through the open world Dying Light kilometers. Impressive? It's time to join, so the numbers were even greater, and the number of fans of horror, you need to advertise it to friends, colleagues and even random passers-by. However, there is no doubt that the majority is doing so. And for that, the company Techland is preparing a surprise program for those who like to create fashion that is already out on beta testing. In General, expect an official release of the game, and prepare your computer.

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