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21.11.2017, 19:22
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The first-person shooters are known for their interesting ideas and concepts, so almost every Studio and company, which is engaged in the development of first-person shooters, trying to release his exciting gaming project in this direction. And who would have thought that a world famous company Gaijin Entertainment, known for their multiplayer game War Thunder, will be to cooperate with the Riga company Darkflow Software and together they are planning to release a game called Enlisted, which focuses on World War II and offers players a large-scale battle.

Enlisted – first person shooter game that offers to play the role of soldiers of different States and try to walk on the biggest military companies, simultaneously fighting with other players. Yes, a new game project offers again a multiplayer framework for the game and will surely appeal to many fans of active gameplay.

The developers have positioned their game project, as a shooter of new generation, developed on the new engine Dagor Engine, which means that we are waiting for nice graphics, fun gameplay and a higher level of detail of what is happening. At the moment the company started the company support and sell unique content in order to sponsor the development. Need to collect $ 250,000 to begin development of a new gaming company, however, the developers have painted their plans to continue to $ 1 million, saying that each test can wait for players. So if you like a similar game concept, then I suggest you to support the game project and donate to it's development.

Nevertheless, as soon as the game goes on release, you will be able to download Enlisted torrent free from our site, but you will not get unique content that is only granted to those players who decided to support the game project. To judge whether this game is popular or not, is still very early, but nevertheless, the game video and screenshots say that the project was still worth the wait and that it will definitely appeal to many. So you should have patience and try to wait for the release, which will be the beginning of a new stage of the battle, fun and interesting concept of gameplay. Follow the news and go directly to our website on the day of release, we were one of the first to provide you access to entertainment.


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