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Exoplanet First Contact (2017) PC torrent

08.05.2016, 20:02
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The idea of combining is not new, most exiting projects consist of inherent features of multiple genres. Sometimes the combination turns out pretty good, as is the case with the game Exoplanet: First Contact, where the developers have managed to perfectly combine Action and RPG.

Where does that leave us? Action clear – a dynamic gameplay, but the RPG is much more in terms of opportunities for the development of your own character created from him, for example, swung at one of the branches of development, or on the contrary – the universal hero. And a good story in RPG, he means to act according to the script, or nonlinear line when the player's actions and choices determine the way the thread further developments.

The storyline is simple, to some extent, its history, yet challenging in its execution. Jack Sharpe is the main character, an adventurer at heart and a free trader by occupation. His whole life consists of an endless journey on a space ship. One day, another contract, which promised a large profit, Jack turns to the loss of the ship, so that he is on K Tharsis. The user will also have to carry out his desire – to do everything possible to survive; to satisfy his desire of revenge; to intervene in a confrontation between colonists and indigenous populations, and as a reward to find the treasure!

K Tarsis the beautiful planet, it's unusual for a person with his fantastic flora and fauna. Planet has different climatic zones – you can meet hot and swampy terrain, cool forests, hot deserts and cold, and snow-capped mountains. Unusual spots in all of this natural diversity, are the village – built by locals from scrap materials or more practical settlement where live the same shipwreck victims people gathered in their homes from the wreckage of equipment. Also in the midst of this you can find structures of unknown origin.

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