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12.08.2016, 23:46
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September 25, the service launched a Kickstarted campaign in support of the project First "Wonder" or "miracle". Engaged in the development of American Studio Rogue Rocket Games. It is a young company but its founders are not newcomers in the business as they relate to such legendary games like Giants: Citizen Kabuto, MDK, Earthworm Jim. And a new project is positioned as a spiritual successor to the first two. For the month Rogue Rocket Games plans to raise 500 000 $ to develop the games First Wonder, which will be presented in the genre of action-shooter. Planned and single player, and multiplayer, among platforms is PC only, so download the torrent First Wonder you'll have no problems.

As for the "First miracle" want to offer us the guys from the Studio Rogue Rocket Games? The game tells the story of a huge monster, who will face little argonavty. Cloverfield takes the strength and ability to fly, argonavty — savvy and technology. The action takes place on planet Majorca, where argonavty arrived in search of valuable items that will help them to restore family pride, and Cloverfield, in order to fulfill an ancient prophecy. Playing for Cloverfield or one of cargonaut, gamers will not only defeat the enemy, but also to uncover the amazing secrets of the planet of Mallorca, which is characterized by surreal geological objects, amazing environmental effects, and identity and the incredible trust of the locals.

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