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Ghost in the Shell First Connection (2017) PC torrent

14.02.2016, 22:53
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Release of 2015 from the South Korean company of developers "Neopeople". Powerful Asian action, in a stylized steam-punk. The first person shooter "Ghost in the Shell: First Connection" (also known as Ghost in the Shell: Online", inspired by the famous animated film "Ghost in the Shell", which in turn is based on the popular Japanese comic book.

Japan. Future areas of innovation technology (cyborgs, tanks, traveling steps and more) and the style of the middle ages (clothes of heroes and so on). The special division of the Ministry of internal Affairs of the country code for the number "nine" has gathered the best of the best representatives of the law. They have a wide range of responsibilities: from intelligence to eliminate the enemies of the state. And so our heroes have to perform a number of top secret and hypersonic jobs.

The advantages and features of the game:
1. Game genre: first-person shooter with RPG elements.
2. Platform: Microsoft Windows.
3. Modes: PvE and PvP.
4. Styling: steam-punk, Asian specificity (manner of talking, increased activity of the characters).
5. The game have the function of "cyborg-settings", which will support 5000 different layouts
6. Players will be able to share skills with our closest allies, allowing players to strategically support others.
7. The attributes that can be used for character customization by the player, include: the government, which offers advanced access to weapons; stealth, used for invisibility; function enemy detection with the use of unmanned aerial vehicles; the ability to create a variety of defensive fortifications (towers and so on) and much more.
8. The game is as close to the style and plot of the namesake animated film that will be an added advantage for fans of the cult anime or original manga.
9. A wide range of weapons and protective equipment: thermo-optical camouflage. Combat helicopter, a modern firearm with a futuristic design, walking tanks, and so on.
10. High-quality graphics and original music that gives you the opportunity to more fully immerse yourself in the world of a new gaming Universe.

Ghost in the Shell: First Connection – Japanese futurism in Korean style!

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