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29.12.2017, 00:59
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The market cooperative shooters continues to be filled with new options and today, we decided to make a Studio called Chambers 10 Collective, which gave the public its new product called GTFO. Do not worry about the quality of the game development as this Studio is composed of people from the company that previously worked on game series PayDay, therefore, the experience of the team in terms of developing cooperative adventure has, and he will not disappoint all fans and fans of the genre.

GTFO – first person shooter who is willing to combine not only the constant skirmishes and a willingness to act, he plans to force the players to play in the team. Yes, no one restricts you, you can to go it alone in this adventure, however, to survive you will be very difficult. Therefore, the cooperative is not mandatory, but will definitely be desirable. It remains only to wait for the release of the game and you can easily GTFO download torrent free.

What exactly will happen in the game? According to the developers, the game process is presented in the format of mystical shooter with some puzzle elements, great dangers and sometimes unexpected twists of gameplay. What it all means is hard to say, so better for you personally to go in this adventure and try to make the right decisions, to gradually discover the truth, and the nuances of this game world.

In addition to the interesting environment, according to the developers, they plan well to support your game project, as it was with their original design called PayDay. So content will be enough and even a lot of importantly, be prepared for the unexpected and timely comply with all set conditions.

GTFO promises to be quite an interesting game design, which is sure to occupy a niche in the market. The fact that this genre requires constant updates, so if a new product is pretty high quality, then you can safely enjoy your new adventures, which will definitely be interesting and quite original. Therefore, we advise you to immediately start your unforgettable adventure, which will definitely give the most pleasure and certainly will improve your playing skills. Therefore, we recommend that you gather orchestrated team and start your unforgettable adventures!


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