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13.01.2018, 01:21
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Adventures are very different, some propose to arm themselves and go conquer worlds, others simply tell interesting stories. For example, if you decide to download Harold Halibut torrent free, you will get the opportunity to take on the role of a regular cleaner who was lucky to become a member of the ambitious space mission. However, she was successful, and the spaceship fell on an unknown planet that is completely submerged under water. However, this is a fascinating story does not end, but only begins to reveal its secrets.

Most importantly, believe in the best
For a long time, collapsed spaceship lies at the bottom of a vast ocean planet. The main character named Harold, tries to do his duty by cleaning, but never misses an opportunity to dream about what is on the planet, what's flora and fauna, and how to escape from a steel trap and become independent. Fortunately, his direct superior Jeanne Mare also wants by all means to escape, to somehow smooth out the negative thoughts about the failed expedition. Together, they begin to plan a trip and ready to go at all.

Harold Halibut is a product of the young company Slow Bros, which was used to create the game simple clay. Thanks to modern technology, they were able to scan all of his creative ore, and place it in the conventions of the game engine Unity. It's time for you personally to see what they came out of it. We wish you a successful and exciting adventure!


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