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22.02.2016, 18:22
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Huge robots (mecha) with huge guns running around in huge arenas and enthusiastically destroy each other. Here we can briefly describe the Heavy Gear Assault. This is enough to intrigue, but still highlight a few features. First of all that this world has become closer to the gamer, there is not only multiplayer mode, but single player campaign.

Secondly, the game is based on famous "the play" Heavy Gear.
This is not the first computer project related to this universe. The event takes place on the planet Terra Nova. Battle robots — the main entertainment of the locals. It's literally a sport. Heavy Gear Assault and transfers all its dynamism. It is important that you use the technology of Unreal Engine 4. This is the third feature.

Fourthly, the robot lends itself to the thinnest setting.
It can be dressed up in heavy or light armor, use weapons or melee. Even allowed manipulating with a processor, sensors giant. The main thing is that the choice led to the victory! This will give you wealth and glory. As one difficult to cope with metal trust, and you need to hire support staff.

Fifthly, in Heavy Gear Assault is a very pronounced social component.
You can not only fight, but also to collaborate with players to create whole teams. Great job will help to attract attention, to acquire fans. Therefore it is necessary not to forget to show your most spectacular matches in social networks. In addition, Heavy Gear Assault provides the ability to create dedicated servers that keep statistics. These chips make the project even more sports, allow you to create and conduct their own tournaments.

And it is far not all will be receptive to the process!
While a little more to explore robots. They like people — have feet, hands and head. The bellows height is 4-5 meters. They work with a relatively small but super-efficient V-type engine. It does not require complicated system, plus undemanding in terms of fuel. The robots are divided into six classes. The easiest one is Civilian. These furs were formerly civil, for example, the movers, but they were converted into fighters. Other robots were initially created for duels. Some of them are more agile, but less secure, others Vice versa. Download torrent Heavy Gear Assault for everyone, as everyone will find metal mate soul!

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