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25.09.2017, 19:49
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At the time, the universe of Dark Souls has become very popular due to its setting and the unusual high complexity. Now the series has finished its development and players are now free to turn its attention to other themed games. But the Studio Cradle Games not going so simply to leave such a popular game mechanics. They create your personal Dark Souls, however, in space and under the name Hellpoint. This time players will be able to test themselves in orbit Black Dory, being confined on a huge space station, which gradually filled with scary creatures or simple zombie warriors, coming from parallel universes.

It tells the story of a strange cataclysm that began to combine identical people from different universes into a single whole. Now these beings are simple zombies, aggressive creatures, and merciless machines. The protagonist of the adventure is a normal inhabitant of the station who has not become a victim of the cataclysm and now he intends to find out how you can fix such a dangerous situation, until everyone died.
The developers have assured that the gameplay of this adventure will be quite complex and unpredictable, as a true and inspirational Dark Souls.

The game supports an interesting free system development which improves the character and makes him stronger through constant training and use of weapons (a similar system could be observed in the vastness of the game Skyrim). In addition, the developers promised to introduce a random system of generating events. The fact is that while the station is spinning around the Black hole can cause various failures and unexpected surprises. For example, can open the portal and there will be new monsters. The boss can leave their seats and just walk around the station, and at certain moments the whole atmosphere will change, the monsters will become stronger and more aggressive, and the main character will get both positive and negative effects of the condition.

The last enjoyable moment was the fact that the developers create a game project with a focus on interaction with other players and will motivate users to go play in the composition of the cooperative. We remind that immediately after the release of the game, you will be able to download Hellpoint torrent free.


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