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29.11.2017, 21:51
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System requirements:


OS: Windows 7 64-Bit
CPU: Multithreading processor (e.g i5)
Memory: 2 GB RAM
Disk space: 3 GB

Hinterhalt – it is surprisingly easy to learn, but challenging the players strategy real-time and in the setting of the Second world war. Command an army, build tunnels, fortifications and bases to lead his soldiers to victory. In the game Hinterhalt, download torrent for free, there is a mode of battle to enemy armies and hordes of zombies, and a full story campaign and a training level. Developed AI behaves differently in every game, making each battle is unique and memorable.

The basics of the game:
The game takes place during the Second world war. The duration of the story campaign is about 2-5 hours. Mode battle with normal enemies and zombies is available from the beginning, and differ in terms of gameplay from the main campaign.

Art style:
Low polygon style with bright vivid colors allows the game to stand out against other strategies in real-time. Smooth animations, nice interface and lovely background music and effects complement the exciting gameplay.

Battle mode:
In this mode, you can choose from two factions (the anti-Hitler coalition forces "OSI") and fight with opponents. In the beginning of the match both parties receive the same amount of money and soldiers. Victory goes to the one who the first will seize a certain number of control points or destroy the enemies ' forces.

Zombie mode:
If you are ready to download Hinterhalt torrent free in Russian, you're in for another surprise – battle mode with zombies. In the beginning of the match you get under the control of a few people, and your task – to hold out as long as possible. Every 2-3 minutes you are attacked by waves of zombies. With each wave, their strength and their number is only growing. In this mode, money and ammo are very limited, so it is important to take sensible decisions.


Trailer / Gameplay:


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