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04.03.2018, 18:57
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System requirements:


OS: Windows 7/8/10 all x64
Processor: Intel i5-4570T processors (2.9 GHz) or equivalent or AMD with FX-6100 (3.3 GHz) or equivalent
RAM: 6144 MB of RAM
Video: GeForce for GTX 560 graphics card and Ti (1024 MB) or equivalent or Radeon 260 x P7 (2048 MB) advantages or equivalent
Space on disk: 38 GB

According to the plot of the game Homefront 2, the United States underestimated North Korea, which took advantage of the totalitarian state, taking and capturing the once great country. But, of course, there were those who want to return to their homeland greatness, for which freedom is extremely important. These are Resistance units. Their adventures devoted the first part, they will tell the sequel.

The gamer will plunge into the dystopian world. Is 2029. Turns out, it's been 2 years since the events of the first part. The action is transferred to the city of Philadelphia (Pennsylvania), which, incidentally, is called the birthplace of American independence. New Philadelphia is under incredible oppression. But this is only spurring stronger Resistance, it is preparing to expel Korean invaders. The gamer will go into the thick of it with the new main character – Ethan Brady.

It should be emphasized that the Korean army is armed much better than guerrilla groups. But people who are experiencing difficulties, always works well savvy. Just the player from the person controllable character can create weapons from everyday items that will make the process varied. Plus here, in addition to small skirmishes, there will clearly be large-scale ones, in which aviation and ground equipment of the future will play an important role. But this is not all opportunities.

Features Homefront: The Revolution:
- The graphics are based on CryEngine, so anti-utopian Philadelphia and in General everything will look as realistic as possible.
- Homefront franchise acquired Crytek, and the company immediately wanted to make the game bigger. So, the plot will become non-linear, and the world – open.
- It is possible to fight back aggressors together with the companion by means of a cooperative mode. There is a multiplayer.
- There are in this part of the RPG element. So, it will be necessary to look for new people to Resist, to strengthen bases, to use wisely the weapons thrown by enemies, and also to make own.
- Someone likes the loudest gunfights, someone-the most quiet. Therefore, it is nice that you can play in different ways.
- Cunning in war is always appropriate. In Homefront: the Revolution to create traps, send on the job saboteurs, spies.


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