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29.12.2017, 00:39
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System requirements:


OS: Windows 7, Windows 8 or Windows 10
CPU: AMD or Intel dual core processor running at ~3.3 GHz (minimum is AMD Phenom II x4 810 or Intel core i5 650).
RAM: 4 GB of RAM
Video: DirectX 9 compatible NVIDIA or ATI/AMD graphics card with 2 GB of dedicated graphics memory (Shader model 3.0).
DirectX: Version 9.0 C
Space on disk: 2 GB

The setting of World War II offers plenty of wide open spaces for adventure and each time players give a variety of opportunities to Express themselves. Do not think that this direction had been forgotten, simply explore the available gaming market and reveal how much realized game projects in this direction. For example, we are ready to recommend you a game called world of Wings, which offers to go in those days, and try to destroy some key targets of the Nazis. However, to manage units of soldiers and equipment you do not succeed, it will be enough just to sit behind the controls of an airplane and try to achieve success.

The plot
The story of the game will tell you about two faithful friends – Jack and Emilia, who decided to become war heroes and to help the liberation forces to destroy the Nazis. They began to learn the skill of aircraft control, shoot accurately and use additional units of the aircraft. But most importantly, you will unquestioningly carry out orders of the highest command post that you probably will not like, but action is exactly what will allow you to bring the liberators on the right path of the passage, that is, they will be able to liberate the land from the Nazis.

Action is present
Iron Wings is an arcade adventure with elements of shooter, rapid and unpredictable flight and other elements that are associated with the setting and offering great opportunities in terms of implementation of particular moments. For example, in this game skillfully enough to shoot, it is necessary to skillfully manage the aircraft and diligently execute all available instructions in the game. This will require you to maximize recruitment efforts and actions. But all this you will be able to test enough to download Iron Wings torrent free immediately after the release of the game.

The strongest will survive
Do not think that the gaming experience will be quite simple and easy, you have to exert maximum effort and try to defeat all your enemies. We recommend you strongly not to stay and begin this adventure. Indeed, such games there is little on the market, so Iron Wings is a great opportunity and a good solution for fun and learning drop that terrible, but nevertheless important era in our history. Try to learn possess excellent combat aircraft, strike at the enemy first and try to quickly make the right decisions.


Trailer / Gameplay:


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