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07.11.2017, 00:36
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System requirements:


OS: Windows 7/8/10

The story tells about a couple stranded on an island after all, global warming is a large part of the surface of the Land went under water.
The heroes decide to move to this island to live a quiet life away from civilization. But the problem is that you don't even know about the world crisis that will change the fate of all living beings on Earth. The few neighbors that lived nearby, had already left the island to find out what happened in the outside world... But the characters simply have no means of communication to contact them.

You need to download Just Us torrent free and explore the island to find resources and stay alive as long as possible, because due to global warming the climate changes, summer temperature quickly changes into winter, and it is accompanied by heavy rains and storms. And the most important question... are we Really alone in this world? And if not, how soon we will find other survivors?...

- Breeding animals
You can breed caught on the island animals.
- A loyal pet
You will have a pet that will help to find various objects and to react to enemies.
- Dynamic weather system
A warm summer morning can turn into a violent snowstorm, a storm or torrential rain. The weather affects many aspects of the game, especially on the temperature of your body and health – for example, if it is too long to be in the rain, you can get sick.
- Crafting system
You can create such things as building materials, fires, garments, weapons, ammunition, traps, etc.
- Farming
In special greenhouses you can grow different foods and healing herbs.
- Inventory system
- Vehicles
On the island you can find the transportation that you need from time to time to repair and to refuel.
- Fishing
In the lakes, located on the island, you can catch the fish then you need to prepare – if you eat it raw, you are poisoned.
- Cooking
- Collect resources
Cut down trees for obtaining firewood, collect stones and leaves and seeds from bushes and plants.
- Weapons
On the island you can find a few rifles, but you yourself can craft a more primitive weapon like a bow or crossbow.


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The game is under development, as soon as it comes out we will inform you.
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