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Kona Day One (2017) PC torrent

04.02.2018, 20:08
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System requirements:


Operating system: Windows 7
CPU: i5 2.0 ghz
HDD: 5 GB hard disk
Video card: GeForce GTX 460
DirectX Version: 11
And also: Keyboard, mouse

Sad stories surround us everywhere and it is necessary to treat this moment with the maximum attention, because sometimes they can be terribly dangerous. For example, a detective of the paranormal Carl Faubert loves money and knows how to cash in on the people who believe in ghosts and mysticism. And now, when he had the opportunity, he immediately rushed to Canada, where the owner of copper mines reported a strange theft, missing persons and other vermin. However, when the detective arrives at the scene, he discovers that his customer is also gone and now he will be alone to explore these mines and try to find him, to be able to receive the award.

However, when the detective finds out that it is the land of the Indians and the businessman violated the peace of the spirits, it becomes clear that he now has to deal with the real thing that is likely to be not such a pleasant end. The situation is aggravated by weather conditions, ghosts, and other strange creatures. We can only hope that the personal perception of the situation and confidence in their actions. Are you ready to help this detective in its hard case? Then you should download Kona Day One torrent and courage, as the ancient spirits know no mercy!


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