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09.11.2017, 01:34
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After the cult to continue the game Mafia 3, many players immediately began to wonder and to look for the explanation about will there be a sequel? After all, the cult series must not be forgotten, and the game itself has a huge number of fans, so excessive curiosity is not unexpected. But before we will answer this question, it is enough to look at the whole history of the series, but we can confidently say that torrent download Mafia 4, you can have.

The fact that at the moment the series consists of three parts, each of which is unique in its own way. A while ago, the lights went out in the first part of the Mafia, which was able to show that the criminal world is also full of adventure, intrigue and other things that need to be dismantled, to try to follow the chain of development. The mafia is a family that is going through various hardships and offers a little insight in the whole system.

Then, in 2010 came the second part of the Mafia, which immediately received great recognition and allowed to see the light at the development of the series. New part of the game has brought not only good graphics but also the opportunity to enjoy the management of vehicles, to monitor the state of your home, to boating and to make important decisions.

The third part of the Mafia was released in 2016 and could bring into play its own open world with different opportunities, however, the implementation of the game series not so pleased, as it could be. The fact that the last part of the game series was adopted by the cold, had a lot of bugs, players struggled with technical problems and simply expressed dissatisfaction. Nevertheless, the game was released and you will be able to lure its history, which is radically different from its origins.

Now, however, it is difficult to understand whether it is necessary to wait for the next part of the game series. On the one hand developers have the ability to produce iconic entertainment with an interesting setting. On the other hand the last part of the series has shown that players not yet ready for drastic changes, and the developers themselves are not particularly pleased with their interesting features, letting in the light crude, and not such a nice product. Nevertheless, there is always hope and to trust that the developers will be able to gather my thoughts and to give players a new adventure.
And as soon as the game will be released, you'll be able to download the Mafia 4 torrent free. But while making predictions too early, it should be understood that this situation requires a fundamental understanding and good thinking. But we believe in the best!

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