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26.06.2020, 20:48
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System requirements:


OS: Windows 10 (64 bits)
Processor: Intel Core i5-5300u
Video card: Intel HD 5500, DirectX 11
Disk space: 15 GB

Feel like a cruel predator fighting for its survival in the game Maneater. Now you are a deadly shark, torn from your mother, thrown into a harsh and unfamiliar world of people in which either you kill or they kill you. Use all the features of your new body and terrify the local onlookers who foolishly dared to cross your waters…

Maneater is an Action RPG role-playing game where you have to test your instincts as a deadly bull shark that terrifies the waters of the United States. Your only tools in the fight for survival – a sharp mind and no less sharp jaw.

Explore a huge living and mysterious underwater world full of various dangers and rewards that the owner craves. Explore sunken ships, hide in swamps, or simply enjoy the beauty of the open ocean in search of suitable prey.
Upgrade your shark with the help of a unique system of evolution. Develop the necessary body parts to increase the maneuverability and lethality of your attacks.

Inspired by Depth and Killing Floor, Maneater has absorbed the depressing atmosphere of horror and mystery of underwater waters from the first and the incredible drive and action from the second, becoming their wonderful spiritual heir and no less wonderful game.

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    1 mistert7623 • 02:31, 25.08.2020 [Entry]
    i can't install the game.
    what can i do ?