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Massives Avatar (2018) PC torrent

20.09.2017, 19:49
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Avatar – a creative brainchild, the excellent and talented James Cameron, who began actively shooting 4 films about the universe. But not only cinema dominates the news. The fact that a talented Director has signed an agreement with publisher Ubisoft, who are willing to sponsor a game project in the universe. Yes, they already released the game in this universe before, but was not as popular and high-quality. Now the developers plan to change the situation and to provide the public a completely new project, which will provide not only new opportunities, but also will open new facts about the history of Avatar.

The development of the game project at this time, the company does Massive Entertainment, who as the framework uses an improved version of the game engine Snowdrop. This time the cooperation plans to be productive and the company is confident in its success. And as soon as the game goes on release, you'll be able to download Massive''s Avatar torrent free. But this will be possible only in 2018, before the release of the film on the big screen.


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