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Meccha Zombies (2018) PC torrent

09.11.2017, 22:29
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It is no secret that Japanese game developers are experiencing some problems related to release games to Western markets. But it is not necessary here to include indie development, which by their structure are not problems and offer enough interesting gameplay. For example, a small Studio X-Stream Digital is actively working on the game Meccha Zombies, offering to go on an adventure and try to destroy all the zombies that decided to attack the main character.

The game's story tells that the main character was able to survive and not fall before the onslaught of a dangerous virus. And now, using improvised weapons, he is forced to fend off a huge number of zombies. All right, if they attacked in small groups, but the player will be attacked by hordes of enemies that will have no end in terms of. Interested in such a proposal? Then you should not waste time and hurry to start the game. Download Meccha Zombies torrent free will be very soon, don't miss the release of such an interesting game project.


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