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Naruto to Boruto Shinobi Striker (2016) PC torrent

25.09.2017, 19:33
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I hasten to please all fans of the animated series Naruto, which already started to follow a new rebirth story called Boruto. Bandai Namco has decided to seize the opportunity and announced that they are actively working on a project to Boruto Naruto the Shinobi Striker in the genre of multiplayer fighting game. And the company has already managed to share the details of his new project, and we recall that after the release you can download to Boruto Naruto the Shinobi Striker torrent free.

Information from first hand:
1. New game project promises a modern game consoles and personal computers.
2. Traditionally, the company will transfer to Boruto Naruto the Shinobi Striker in 10 languages, including on Russian.
3. This time as the main battle format selected 4 vs. 4.
4. The battle will be fairly active with using available techniques, battles in several planes and in large maps.
5. In addition to the main set of the young guard of heroes, each player will be able to try on the role of the older generation of Naruto that were much powerful and stronger.
6. Was improved the basic mechanics of the battles, graphics and other interesting events associated with the game.


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