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29.12.2017, 15:19
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Came it is time to discard their heroic adventures and try to feel a bit grim and unpleasant events that can be entertaining, interesting and just fascinating. For example, the Square Mountain company is working on a game project called No Trace, who offers to take control of a gang of assassins. The game has a basis of inspiration from a variety of sources of past similar games, but nevertheless, the game is developed with consideration of modern technologies and talented employees.

No Trace is a tactical adventure where you have to plan and commit murder. The problem is that your goal is sure to be a senior person who is well protected. You will need to correctly manipulate events to adjust various situations and try to achieve a positive result. And as a bonus you will have the weapons, the tactical scheme of interaction, a variety of skills to achieve the goal and more. Don't forget that interactive environment can be used at their discretion.
Download No Trace torrent free will be very soon, most importantly, to wait for the release and understand that you really like the role of the head of a gang of killers. Good luck!


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