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Onimusha: Warlords (2019) PC torrent

26.02.2019, 01:29
Onimusha: Warlords (2019) poster

System requirements:


OS: Windows 7, 8, 10
CPU: Intel i3 Processor
Memory: 4 GB RAM
Video card: Nvidia GeForce GTX 560
DirectX: Version 10
Disk space: 10 GB

Since the official release of this action for survival in the entourage of the Sengoku era in 2001, it has sold more than two million copies. The new version of the classic game offers high-resolution graphics, support for widescreen mode 16: 9 and improved management.

It's time to remove the swords from their scabbards and tighten the belt of the kimono. The game will take you to Japan of the 16th century, a period when Japanese princes who do not know the limits of greed are waging bloody wars for the possession of the land. The apotheosis of the confrontation is the abduction of Princess Yuki. To find and rescue the girl solve only the fearless samurai Samanosuke, Aketi, whose reckless bravery will legends. Legions of evil spirits will resist the great warrior and stand in this merciless battle to complete the noble mission - the sacred duty of the hero.

  • Mount image
  • Install
  • Copy the tablet from the CODEX folder (on the image) to the folder where the game is installed
  • Play
  • Trailer / Gameplay:


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