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31.03.2018, 14:01
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System requirements:


OS: Windows XP/7/8/10
Processor: Intel Core i3
RAM: 4096 MB RAM
Video card: Geforce GTS 450
Optional: AlienFX enabled

Party Hard – scandalous, but nonetheless an interesting game, which offered players to become the vigilante and arrange a lynching noisy neighbors who every time I arrange a loud party and just disturb the peace. Surely you remember this game project and now it's time to pay attention to the continuation of the story and download Party Hard 2 via torrent free.

The continuation of the story is virtually indistinguishable from the first, is that you are offered much more content, ways of killing and new picture. The game also has a pixel style, which does not violate the atmosphere of the game, offers players new challenges and this time explosions, victims and other accidents will be many times more. Remember that your main weapon is anonymity, and to act openly, you should not. So first learn the location, look for ways to implement the plan and make the right decisions. It's time to decorate the party with shouts, blood and misery, now the fate of dozens of people is in your hands and whether you succeed or not, only time will decide. We wish you good luck!

Features Party Hard 2:
1. A humorous and serious story about serial killings on the party.
2. Levels are randomly generated.
3. It's time to connect the heavy artillery in the form of bombs and deadly traps.
4. Available to choose from a variety of characters with different features in the gameplay.
5. Be careful, even in a carefully designed mission may arise surprises.
6. You can take advantage of the opportunity to call a variety of rapid response services to finally spoil the party.


Trailer / Gameplay:


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