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06.03.2016, 17:31
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System requirements:


Operating system: Windows 7, 8, 10 - 64 bit only!
Processor: dual core CPU 2.4 GHz +
Memory: 4 GB RAM
Video card: NVIDIA GeForce 470 GTX or Radeon 6870
Disk space: 7 GB

In 2014 ended the story team Irrational Games, the first project of which is System Shock 2, last of BioShock Infinite. Yes, the employees of this Studio knew how to make games that cause a pleasant shock! However, why "could"? They continue to amaze with your talent and after the dissolution of the company. Recently, Kickstarter launched a campaign in support of the adventure horror game Perception. The Studio is engaged in creation of The Deep End Games. It consists of true veterans, mastodons industry. On account of the many great games, from BioShock to Rock Band.

A new company headed by bill Gardner, he worked at Irrational Games Director of design. By the way, will talk about design Perception. This is a game in the first person, so we see the world through the eyes of the heroine named Cassie. However, she is blind... hence the graphics are unusual — are black and blue. Let the girl and did not see, but she perfectly understands and is very sensitive hears. Through sounds the brain Cassie literally visualizes the space. Help the heroine of the cane and the smartphone, and the materials at hand — they can be thrown to confuse enemies. However, the ability to kill these creatures have. If Cassie hide unsuccessful, death will come quickly and will be relentless...

Small and terrible journey of a blind girl takes place in a mansion located in Gloucester (USA, Massachusetts). For many years this house to be calm to its owners, it is truly dreadful. The heroine can unravel a terrible secret, and become his next victim. Cassie moved not only from room to room, but also from epoch to epoch, and in every "nice house" looks different. It begs to mind the word "mystic". Although, maybe there is nothing supernatural? Everyone will recognize himself! If funds are collected, and it's about 150 thousand dollars, to do it will turn out in 2016. Another 25 thousand, and there will be a version not only for Windows but also Mac, Linux. Well, if gamers will be generous on 375 thousand, we hope that soon all will be able to download Perception torrent.

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