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16.11.2018, 20:46
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System requirements:


OS: Windows 7, 8, 10, 64-bit
Processor: Intel Core i5-2550K (3.4 GHz) / AMD FX-4350 (4.2 GHz)
Memory: 4 GB RAM
Video card: GeForce GTX 660 (2GB) / AMD Radeon HD 7850 (2GB)
Disk space: 4.21 GB

PLANET ALPHA is a Grand adventure, which is currently considered the most beautiful and enjoyable in terms of visual design. You just need to download the torrent PLANET ALPHA and you can go on an amazing adventure that you will remember for a long time. The fact is, you have to take on the role of a simple man who went with his team to explore the galaxy trimmed for the presence of planets with the ability to live on them. However, the journey was not so successful and the spacecraft on which the main character traveled, crashed on an unknown planet. Unfortunately, only the main character survived and now he has to go explore a new planet, try to survive and take advantage of any opportunity to leave the planet as soon as possible.

This time you are waiting for an amazing adventure on an unknown planet, where the physical laws are simply not observed, and nature shows all its greatness. You have to explore every corner, collect different materials and just try to extract maximum information from the environment. Just download PLANET ALPHA via torrent for free in Russian and you can start an active entertainment, which is sure to be a great discovery for many players. We are not in a hurry to reveal all the secrets, as it will be an interesting surprise for you. The main thing is not to relax, because even though this planet will seem like a Paradise, it is not so safe. We wish you good luck and all the best!

Feature of game

  • An incredibly beautiful world.
  • Unpredictable and challenging puzzles.
  • There are a lot of secrets on the planet.
  • The unusual nature of the planet.
  • An interesting opportunity to influence the change of day and night.


  1. Run the setup.exe from the folder with the game.
  2. Install the game to your preferred directory by following the installer's instructions.
  3. Copy all content from the Crack subdirectory to the root folder of the installed game, replacing the original files.
  4. Click on the game shortcut on the desktop, running it as administrator (Right-click on the shortcut ⇛ Properties ⇛ Compatibility ⇛ Run this program as administrator).
  5. Moving on dazzling locations and revealing lightning-fast plot twists and turns, try to save his fragile life on an alien planet alpha.

Trailer / Gameplay:


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