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24.02.2016, 06:41
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Exactly one year ago in Reykjavik held its annual event "Fanfest" dedicated multiplayer game EVE Online. The festival Studio CCP Games has announced a new project called Project Legion. If to tell more precisely, this is not a new project, and the ported version of the online game Dust 514 that is directly connected with EVE Online. Explain that Dust 514 was released for the PS3, Project Legion is created for the PC. It is no coincidence that the developers chose a new name. The fact that the game is not just ported, and revise, modernize, improve. In General, fix old bugs and add a new vision, so who wanted to play Dust 514, but there was no consoles, can download Project Legion via torrent on PC.

The Executive Director reported that uses a different approach to the game on the battlefield. Engaged in the development of the China division of the Studio CCP Shanghai, which has established itself Dust 514. His staff promise not only the evolution of the online shooter, they are preparing a revolution, so wait for Project Legion is really worth. When will be released is still unknown, but there is every reason to believe that in the near future, because most of the work was done a year ago. As for the versions for other platforms, this has no information.

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