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05.03.2016, 22:42
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System requirements:


OS: Windows® XP / Vista / 7
Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo 2.6GHz, AMD Phenom X3 8750
Memory: 2 GB RAM
Hard Disk Space: 10 GB
Video Card: NVIDIA GeForce 8800 GT with 512 MB RAM, ATI Radeon HD 4850 with 512 MB RAM

The first project from the company Radical Entertainment – Prototype, released in 2009, was for the gamers a sensation due to its unique system of gameplay, when the hero is allowed almost everything. The continuation of the project gives the opportunity to re-create from a common man weapon of mass destruction. Virus allows to absorb any and get not only the appearance, but also new abilities. Move to the city, forgetting about all the laws of physics, explore the city in search of new targets for acquisitions.

Once developed infrastructure and economy, the city became the refuge of the real fiend, the government has divided the city into zones security other than the presence of infected. Peaceful areas protected by paramilitary patrols, rigidly preventing any penetration of infection, including the main character. In the areas marked in red, total chaos, the situation is quite the contrary, the mutants devour any uninfected creature. The city became ruins and the task of the hero James Heller – find Alex Mercer, the man that lays all the blame of current events.

If you try to download the torrent Prototype 2 which is completely in Russian, You will be expected available level of violence, James Heller – an ordinary soldier left to die, lost due to virus wife and child, but with an incredible thirst for revenge. Moreover, until he gets to the main enemy Alex Mercer, he has to alter his own body in a biological Arsenal, the bringer of death. The hunt for a new victim, the absorption or simply murder is not important, the main thing to take revenge on Alex!

Game features:
- Living weapons with incredible power.
Tentacles, hammer and other prototypes of live arms are the main weapon of the protagonist so that he can entangle the victim and to devour her, to lift almost any object and throw it at the enemy or shoot down pesky helicopter, destroy the enemy military equipment, to enter into a mutant in a deadly embrace – all depends on the imagination of application, the possibilities are endless.
- Independent setting.
Due to the personal customization of mutations, it is possible to develop this or that ability – it may just be movement speed or James over the destructive power of the claws, given a choice of a variety of settings;
- Incredible absorption qualities.
To find his victims by using acoustic pulse, and to get the necessary information – no need to ask lots of questions, just absorb your target and all of his memories will appear before you, there is nothing to hide.
Wear a disguise, if the pursuit of your prevent to get the job – take the appearance of any absorbed and quietly pass by his pursuers.
- No mercy!
In flights over the city, jumping on buildings, "eating" victims – don't forget about our main goal – remove Alex Mercer, in that it would not.
- A spectacular multi-scale destruction.
What the injured wall from the explosion or a crashed car, monsters-mutants in Prototype 2, one motion to destroy the whole street!
- Expand your insight into the architecture of the game world.
The Studio is the developer of the game used its own engine - Titanium 2.0, which boggle the imagination.
- Stay tuned for coverage!

You can sum up what to download a Prototype 2 through a torrent all need:
As described above, the city is conditionally divided into zones – green reigns in peace and grace, by the vigilant watch of guards and instant destruction of any infection. The yellow area is a camp of refugees. The most dangerous is the red zone – there is no peace, here do not show the nose of the Ministers of the order, this location shows bloody madness in all its glory, but that's not the most dangerous – when they reached the lair Alex Mercer, the player will have the most terrible picture of infection and death in one. In new York zero, these zones are called in the following way: the Mercer Abode, the abode of the survivors and the bullpen Gentek and of the Watch (red, yellow and green, respectively).

Trailer / Gameplay:


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