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24.12.2017, 18:57
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A small Studio called VOID Interactive has long been engaged in the development of a certain unannounced game project and now it's time to reveal all the cards. The developers have released a trailer for its first-person shooter called Ready Or Not which has a bias in tactical cooperation and teamwork. The project will be release very soon, so you may want to wait for our release. Afterwards, you can download Ready Or Not torrent free.

The game is Ready Or Not unfold in America, which this time is mired in chaos, destruction and crime. A huge civilization was a slum and distressed areas. Now in terms of the environment players will fight, to get information and try to restore order in these territories. At first it may seem that this is not so difficult, but in reality it will be more unpredictable.

We already know that this project will include cooperative play for up to 8 people in a PvP confrontation or you can go through the company, along with AI companions and other accompanying elements inherent in the single-player adventure.

An important feature of the game is tactical engagement. Players will be able to carefully control your characters, use a shelter, make decisions and act outside the box. But the beginning of each mission will be accompanied by a special briefing, which will be possible to obtain tactical information and benefits.

Ready Or Not promises to be quite an interesting first person shooter that is sure to find its audience. The main thing is to wait for the release and to plunge into the abyss of chaos and freedom. I am glad that the game project is being developed on the Unreal Engine 4 technology, so we are waiting for nice graphics and dynamic gameplay.


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