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ReCore Definitive Edition (2016) PC torrent

06.02.2018, 16:06
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System requirements:


Windows 10 Intel Core i5-4460 with a clock speed of 2.70 GHz|AMD FX-6300
2 GB 11 GeForce GTX 660|AMD Radeon R7

Japanese talented game designers can sometimes be very surprising that can not but rejoice. For example, the famous Keiji Inafune has announced its project called ReCore which is able to conquer each user. At first he announced this project exclusively for Xbox one. but then there was a game on the computers, however, ReCore download via torrent you will only be able to Windows 10.

What is this game?
In fact, ReCore is not full of a unique game world and story, as he talks about how robots on Earth rebelled against humanity and now intend to oust people from their Land, seizing power, resources and other delights of life. They have it all certainly will, however, not all the robots began to support the initiative capture, and many were against this idea, what was the cause of the origin of the subversive war in the robotic system.

In leading roles
The main character of the game-a girl named jewel, who was able to find the strength to resist the new invaders. Now it is ready for battle and is able to perform a lot of tasks, but it will not act alone, many robots will support it, for example, robotic dog Mac. Together with him, she intends to explore the robotic world and find an opportunity to return all EN their places.


Trailer / Gameplay:


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