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Resurgence (2018) PC torrent

06.11.2017, 11:08
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Resurgence is a three – dimensional action-RPG, which takes place in the distant future, where Earth is invaded by alien invaders and almost wiped out the human race. You will manage a MKII R. A. V – the most advanced fighting machine, controlled via thought. As a new member of the elite fighting to unite the Land, you get access to arena where you can practice in the control of the robot R. A. V, in order to protect humanity from ruthless aliens.

Why do we recommend you to download Resurgence torrent we have:
- Arena mode: Battle in groups of up to 4 people against endless waves of enemies to hone your skills
- Class Orion Class assault robots (the first available in a Resurgence of class)
- A variety of items, PERMANENTLY increase the performance of your gear!
- Every 10th wave of enemies has a unique boss designed to test the combat skills of your team
- 2 unique types of enemies (attacking the far and close range)
- Place on the Playfab service to store player data
- Easily connect to multiplayer servers
- Invite your friends to the game via Steam. Adventures await you......
- In future updates, expect a large amount of content, which will make the battle more entertaining and fun.


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