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30.03.2016, 23:42
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System requirements:


Operating system: Windows 8.1
Processor: Intel i5-4590 / AMD FX 4350 or greater
Video card: NVIDIA: GTX 970 4 GB / GTX 1060 6 GB or greater | AND: RX 480 or greater
DirectX: Version 11
Free hard disk space: 7 GB

Computer games, specially sharpened under the technology of virtual reality, is being developed more and more. Here and the German Studio Crytek, gave a legendary series of shooters Crysis and other worthy projects, I decided to take advantage of modern technology. Director David Bowman shared that by combining the possibilities of the engine CryEngine and virtual reality developers were able to realize a long-held dream — to create the most believable game world. Undoubtedly, the previous games deserve to be called plausible, however, to complete the picture, lacking the ability of gamers to overlook the game world 360 degrees. Now managed to create such an effect due to the helmet SteamVR, which represent the Valve and HTC.

Remember the trailer?
Perhaps someone will remember the demo video, called Back to Dinosaur Island and is represented by the Studio Crytek in April of this year. If you watched it in the appropriate helmet, we certainly were impressed by this spectacular show. About Back to Dinosaur Island, the developers from the German Studio has not announced any details, at E3 they announced the game Robinson The Journey, too, sending gamers into the world of dinosaurs. Although direct statements about the relationship of the two projects was not, it seems obvious. Maybe with time the developers will confirm in person guesses the gaming community.

The emphasis on virtual reality:
So, download torrent Robinson The Journey you will be able in 2016 is a new project Studio Crytek, created with an emphasis on virtual reality technology. While virtually nothing is known about the plot, nor the gameplay, however, and about the imminent release not reported, so you should regularly expect news about The Robinson Journey. The only thing you can say about the storyline is that a spaceship crashed and fell on the ground of an unknown planet, which was inhabited prehistoric world populated by dinosaurs. The only survivor among the crew of the ship was still a young man, for whom, and will play gamers. The young man set out to explore the wild jungle, hiding from the giant and not particularly large dinosaurs. Robinson The Journey not intrigued so much, if the developers are not informed about the many mysteries of this planet that will uncover...

Trailer / Gameplay:


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