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13.12.2017, 00:04
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System requirements:


Pentium III 800 MHz
256 MB of memory
3D-accelerator with 16 MB of memory
1.8 GB on the Winchester

If you have long dreamed of becoming a brave hero to go on an exciting adventure to fight dragons, meet the archangels and understand the essence of the manifestation of necromancy, you just need to get acquainted with the game Sacred.

Sacred is a fascinating adventure in the genre of RPG, which will reveal to you the whole history of the world of Ancaria. There are no specific laws and possibly the manifestation of magic in different perfection. Here you are the only hero who longs to help the world and certainly not sinless character. The fact that choosing a path in Sacred you have to first worry about his race and order. The archangels want to destroy all and leave the saints, the necromancer wants revenge, the knight seeks worthy opponent, and the dwarves just survive. And this is not the whole spectrum of available options for the development of the plot.

Regarding the completeness of the world, Ankara will be available immediately, will only have to choose where to go and where to start your adventures. No restrictions, free development, hundreds of characters and literary dialogues. What else do you need fantasy? Right, just need your presence! Therefore, if in your veins flows the blood of the hero, if you want to fight and learn the pleasures of magic, it's time to go to a world where all your aspirations are sure to find a response in the environment. Enjoy your adventures!


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