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She Will Punish Them (2020) PC torrent

10.05.2020, 17:05
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System requirements:


OS: Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10
Processor: Intel Core i5 3210M CPU
Video card: 4 GB VRAM
Hard disk space: 5 GB

She Will Punish Them is a dark fantasy ARPG that will allow you to participate in violent and bloody battles in the demonic world. You will play as a magnificent but deadly Succubus. Once released from the dungeon, break your way through a huge number of terrifying abominations and bosses. The succubus will not stop until it becomes the most formidable and seductive demoness.

Cut through three intense levels in dungeon mode or stop waves of brutal siege in survival mode. Your enemies are not to be trifled with. Sharpen your wits to fight with your mind, because if you die, you will lose all your not-yet-hidden trophies. And don't worry, for those who win, the effort will be absolutely worthwhile.

Feature of game:
  • The hottest figure, the smartest mind, the most terrible fight. Experience the rage of revenge from the most attractive demoness! Choose your weapons wisely for different enemies. Each of the 30+ weapons has its own unique style of play and can be elementary. Slash your enemies with swords, smash their shields with hammers, or quickly attack with throwing axes or daggers. Dismember the bodies of your enemies and crush their souls! The more blood there is all over the screen, the better!
  • Yes, we know that you love looting. Fight for exciting trophies with randomized attributes throughout the journey. In addition, after the victory, you will also come across rare crystals, for which you can buy more incredible equipment and equipment. However, the most powerful warriors are always looking for unpaid, legendary, super-charged rewards for killing bosses!
    Keep calm, don't be too greedy, and don't lose all your earnings after you die ...
  • Randomly generated maps, endless fun. Randomly generated maps with a wide variety of hellish atmosphere environments and monsters will not let you get bored and motivate you for more and more battles. The game sends you deep into a terrifying, demonic realm filled with monsters and creepy conditions. Plunge into the terrible ruins of the castle, catacombs, dungeons, and more!
  • Customize your mesmerizing Succubus. The succubus uses her super-attractive flesh to charm her enemies and manipulate everyone she finds exploitable! Symbolic and demonic wings and horns, sensuous hairstyles and makeup, a necklace, her seductive eyes...whatever you want. Remember, don't look the Succubus in the eye for too long. Or you can become another of her enchanted servants...
  • Even the devil needs a home, and this one is awesome! After each battle, the Succubus returns to his home to recuperate. She has already built a throne for healing, a makeup table for changing her appearance, an Armory for buying weapons, and a wardrobe for buying sensual clothing. Feel free to unlock more interactive parts with the crystals you earn. Because with a lush bed, a luxurious sofa and a charming pool, you will have much more fun with the beautiful demoness, in her personal time.
  • Trailer / Gameplay:


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