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Solstice Chronicles MIA (2017) PC torrent

01.02.2018, 23:40
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System requirements:


OS: win 7, win 8.1, Windows 10
CPU: Intel® core i5™
RAM: 4000 MB RAM
Video: GeForce GTX 750 Ti
Space on disk: 15 GB
Sound card: any

If you thought space was safe place then you are greatly mistaken, for I have come to tell you a terrible secret about the virus called STROL, which began to infect people and create terrible monsters. Unfortunately, the virus was able to infect one of the colonies of people and turned almost all into horrible creatures, continuing to spread its invasion other colonies. But not all have fallen to this virus, one the survivors of the mercenary was able to resist the infection and is now forced to wander through the colony and destroy these creatures.

Using various weapons and artificial drone, he is forced to fight through the crowds of enemies, try to use different skills and features of the environment. But not only this will be his major advantage, as due to the artificial drone, a mercenary can use a variety of unusual skills that can disarm even the huge and strong enemies.

The main goal in this adventure is the salvation that you need to find dead in the ruins of the colony. You need to collect information about existing opportunities, try to complete all the tasks and leave the colony until it is completely covered with creatures from other planets. But if you are confident in your actions, then it's time to download Solstice Chronicles: MIA torrent free and go towards the horror.

Feature of game:
- you will find a long and persistent development that will become the basis for survival;
- don't forget your drone is a powerful development, which we must use wisely;
- collect supplies and try to break forward, despite the fact the hopelessness of the situation;
- the game has a heavy weaponry, which will greatly facilitate the adventure, but it is also necessary to get.


Trailer / Gameplay:


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